Fraud in Nashville’s Legal System

Court Abandons Victims; Protects Lawyer

Disgraced attorney free as family fights for money

Posted: Mar 30, 2018 10:55 PM EDTUpdated: Apr 13, 2018 10:55 PM EDT

Andy Allman was arrested on 28 counts alleging crimes of theft from clients and practicing without a law license. (Photo: Sumner County Sheriff’s Office)

Hundreds of thousands of dollars reportedly stolen, 100 plus complaints and a middle Tennessee attorney at the center of it all is still free and enjoying life.

October 2015 was a time of heartbreak and uncertainty for the Bramble family.

The Bramble’s oldest son Baylor had just suffered a traumatic brain injury during a high school football game.

Baylor’s grandfather had recently passed and the family was going to use money from the sale of his home to offset medical expenses.

Andy Allman handled that $230,000 sale.

The Brambles say they never saw that check.

“How did you do that to us knowing the circumstances we were in?” said Cathy Brown.

Brown is Baylor’s aunt.

She says she has formed a support group with dozens of others who say Allman stole from them too.

“To this day he hasn’t said he is sorry,” said Brown.

Brown has known for allman for years.

The two went to high school and church together.

“I never would have thought he would turn into the evil person he is today,” said Brown.

She lives just a few miles away from Allman, who keeps a boat parked in his driveway and a pool in the back.

“When he keeps living the lifestyle that he is living it is just a slap in the face,” said Brown.

Allman’s attorney sent News 4 this statement:

Mr. Allman has pled not guilty to the criminal charges against him, because he is not guilty. He has not stolen money from clients, and he looks forward to vindicating himself through the legal process.

As a lawyer, I understand the frustration expressed by Mr. Allman’s former clients, and I hope in the near future they will get their questions answered. Unfortunately, due to the pending cases, we have to wait for that process to unfold.

Allman’s trial in the Bramble theft case is set to start in May.

Meanwhile, an order of disbarment against Allman is pending.

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