100+ People Filed Complaints on Tennessee Lawyer

August 12, 2018 Edmund Burke 0

“OVERSIGHT” FAILURE  OR COURT CORRUPTION? Nashville, Tennessee June 19, 2018 By TENA LEE tlee@mainstreetmediatn.com Hendersonville attorney Andy Allman has been disbarred from practicing law and ordered to pay $320,050 in restitution and court costs, according […]

Court Crushes Lawyers’ $800/hour Bill

May 30, 2014 spfadmin 0

Tennessee Appeals Court Nixes Columbia Lawyer’s $800 Bill to Widow. http://www.cbclawgroup.com/wpcontent/uploads/2014/06/Estate_of_Sue_Bratton_Thompson-Attorney_Fee_Opinion.pdf   If you or someone you love is facing a screwy probate, Trust or estate situation, we want to hear about it.  Contact our editors […]

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