Nevada Probate Racketeering & Fraud Expands

UPDATE: Another defendant faces judge in guardianship abuse case

UPDATE APRIL 17: Gary Neal Taylor made his first appearance in Clark County court Monday, telling the judge he doesn’t have money for an attorney.

Authorities call Taylor an integral part of his wife April Parks’ alleged criminal syndicate. Taylor faces 7 felony counts including racketeering, theft and exploitation.

Court records show Taylor collected more than $78,000 by over-billing clients for running errands and other menial tasks.

For example, Taylor spent hours traveling to the courthouse and waiting to file paperwork in person that could have been submitted online.

Court records also say he billed residents at a nursing home for dropping off toilet paper.

In 2014 both Parks and Taylor charged a 75 year-old client for travel to check on the client’s California home. Parks billed the man’s estate $840 while Taylor billed $1,200. The court document says the trip was totally unnecessary because local property managers were already checking on the house.