Law Firm Accused of Stealing Client Money

Attorney Steals Millions

Las Vegas valley attorney accused of stealing millions from clients

 By: Brittany Edney

Las Vegas, NV – Millions of dollars are missing and more than 100 clients appear to have been abandoned by a local probate attorney.
The state bar of Nevada alleges that Robert Graham of Lawyers West stole funds from clients before shutting down his firm.
“Your heart really goes out to them,” said Jasen Cassady, Cassady Law Offices.
At least 51 clients have allegedly lost more than $13 million. Those are funds attorney Robert Graham should have been holding in his firm’s accounts.
Attorneys Jasen and Brandi Cassady of Cassady Law Offices were appointed as counsel to take over Graham’s cases.
“I’ve never seen anything like it and everybody in the probate bar is completely shocked, completely floored,” attorney Jasen Cassady said.
“This is completely unprecedented in the community here,” attorney Brandi Cassady said. “Never on this scale has this happened.”
The Nevada Supreme Court has temporarily suspended Graham’s license while the state bar investigates all the misconduct claims.
Graham’s attorney for the confidential bar proceeding, Sterling Kerr, tells 8 News NOW that Graham voluntarily gave up his license to practice law, has not left the area and no other information regarding the allegations is available. Kerr issued the following statement:
“I can tell you that Mr. Graham has voluntarily given up his license to practice law.  He has not left the jurisdiction. Mr. Graham’s information given to me is privileged and I cannot comment on the
accuracy of the allegations”
A GoFundMe account has been set up with 100 percent of the money going directly to those clients.
“It was established to make these people as whole as possible. Those funds are going to be turned over directly to the state bar or the district court, however they determine what is in the best interest of the victims,” Jasen Cassady said.
Cassady Law Offices describe the situation as overall disarray for all the clients they’re now representing.
“So far, everyone that I have spoken with is just completely devastated, some cases involving beneficiaries who were relying on that money for their daily care,” Brandi Cassady said.
The Cassady Law Offices say that dozens of probate attorneys throughout the area have contacted them and are willing to volunteer their time to help with the case load pro-bono, knowing there will likely be no funds for payment.