New Video of Connecticut Fraud Story

Connecticut | November, 2021

Source: Wayne Dolcefino

New details about the fraud and malpractice case rooted in Connecticut’s “family court” system has been produced in a video by investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino.

To get a overview of the family court fraud story, follow this link:  http://

The heart of the story is based in family-court case where the Connecticut courts stripped mother Karen Riorden of custody of her three children in 2020, and gave primary custody to Hollywood writer and producer Christopher Ambrose (shown left).

According to a fraud and malpractice suit filed in 2021, Riorden claims that the fruadulant testimony and report of psychiatrist Dr. Biren Caverly was the reason that Riorden was stripped of custody by Connecticut Judge Jane Grossman.

In 2021, Riorden sued Dr. Caverly for fraud and malpractice, details of that story can be found at this link:

Stay tuned for details as they emerge.





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