Tennessee Judge OK’s $50,000 Probate Bill!

Columbia Lawyer Jerry Colly Bills Widow $800/hour: Local Judge Jim Hamilton Approves!

Special to “StopProbateFraud.com”:

Dateline: Columbia, Tennessee: Maury County Chancellor Jim T. Hamilton awarded nearly $50,000 in fees to Columbia lawyer Jerry Colley for his administration of the estate of local resident, Sue Bratton Thompson.

Catharine Thompson Dockery was the daughter and primary beneficiary of the deceased, and the widow of Clifford Van Dockery who died of cancer in 2007.

According to Court documents, Mr. Colly spent about $11,000 for tax accounting fees, which means that the 48 hours he claimed to have spent to “administer the estate” were billed at a rate of over $825.00 per hour.

Ms. Dockery filed an appeal in the Middle Tennessee Court of Appeals. Stay tuned as StopProbateFraud follows this case.

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