Nevada Probate Racketeering & Fraud Expands

June 26, 2017 pershing 0

UPDATE: Another defendant faces judge in guardianship abuse case UPDATE APRIL 17: Gary Neal Taylor made his first appearance in Clark County court Monday, telling the judge he doesn’t have money for an attorney. Authorities […]

Law Firm Accused of Stealing Client Money

June 26, 2017 pershing 0

Las Vegas valley attorney accused of stealing millions from clients  By: Brittany Edney Updated: Dec 30, 2016 11:49 AM PST 545 Las Vegas, NV – Millions of dollars are missing and more than 100 clients […]

Detroit Probate Scam Foiled by WXYZ Reporter

June 14, 2017 pershing 0 (WXYZ) – The 7 Investigators first exposed a troubling pattern of certain public officials and real estate brokers taking over estates, often selling homes that should belong to the rightful heirs. On Wednesday, a […]

Judges Wife Bilks Elderly

February 12, 2017 pershing 0

Is taking fees before a judge approves them legal? John Pacenti Palm Beach Post Staff Writer 11:00 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016  Western Palm Beach County The attorney for professional guardian Elizabeth Savitt — the wife of […]

Virginia Executor Murdered

January 8, 2017 pershing 0

Love of Money Turns Estate Bloody:

Killer of Virginia Executor Sentenced

January 8, 2017 pershing 0

Prison for Probate Lawyer

October 24, 2016 pershing 0

Arizona Lawyer Tried to defraud Mayo Clinic: Disbarred Queen Creek probate attorney gets prison for fraud (AZ) May 14, 2015 PHOENIX (AP) — A disbarred Queen Creek probate attorney has been sentenced to 2 ½ years […]

Convicted Felon Conceals Orphan’s Funds

January 30, 2016 spfadmin 0

Court Denies Accounting to Autistic Girl!   If you or someone you love is facing a screwy probate, Trust or estate situation, we want to hear about it.  Contact our editors at:

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